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Fall  2012, Vol. 1

Ali Houshmand Rowan’s Eighth President

After serving in an interim president capacity, in June 2012, Dr. Ali Houshmand was named Rowan’s eighth president. n

Policy Outlook
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“Got Your 6”

Nine NJASCU Institutions are Among 40 to Take National Pledge


The nine state colleges and universities, in a coordinated effort through the NJASCU Operation College Promise (OCP) program, recently signed a commitment to provide support services and programs to student veterans on their campuses.  The nine were in the forward flank, composed of 40 institutions nationally, that made the pledge at a special event held in Washington, DC on July 24.


Support for the educational pillar of the six-part campaign, called “Got Your 6,” is the result of a partnership between the Pat Tillman Foundation, Student Veterans of America, and OCP.  The three organizations have vowed to amass pledges from 500 colleges and universities by 2014.


Other pillars of the Got Your 6 campaign include housing, employment and healthcare.


The Association’s OCP today works with schools and nonprofits across the nation to support both veterans and service providers.  For more information, visit n