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News & Opinions

Unofficial Enforcer of Ruling on Race in College Admissions
New York Times
April 7, 2014

It was the last Monday in June, and the Supreme Court had just issued its latest decision on affirmative action. The debate was starting about how much the court had restricted the use of race in college admissions. Read article, here

Yes He Can, on Immigration

New York Times
April 5, 2014

If President Obama means what he says about wanting an immigration system that reflects American values, he is going to have to do something about it - soon and on his own. Read article here

Our Crazy College Crossroads
New York Times
March 31, 2014

If you were shut out of an elite school, that doesn't mean you're less gifted than all of the students who were welcomed there. It may mean only that you lacked the patronage that some of them had. Read article, here.


NJ College Affordability Package Falls Short: Editorial
March 30, 2014

In 1990, the state covered two-thirds of a Rutgers education. By 2013, students paid two-thirds. Higher education is grotesquely expensive -- particularly in New Jersey -- but the cost of not going to college is worse. Read more, here

How Businesses Use Your SATs
New York Times
March 29, 2014

The news about the SAT has been confusing lately. Read article, here

Major Changes in SAT Announced by College Board

New York Times
March 5, 2014 

Saying its college admission exams do not focus enough on the important academic skills, the College Board announced on Wednesday a fundamental rethinking of the SAT, eliminating obligatory essays, ending the longstanding penalty for guessing wrong and cutting obscure vocabulary words.  Read article, here

A New SAT Aims to Realign with Schoolwork

New York Times
March 5, 2014

Saying its college admissions exams do not focus enough on the important academic skills, the College Board announced a fundamental rethinking of the SAT. Read article, here

Zero Down on College is As Gimmicky As it Sounds

The Equity Line
February 27, 2014

Pay It Forward, an initiative first pushed by the Economic Opportunity Institute in Seattle, proposes that students pay for college after graduation through a prescribed percentage of their income over a defined number of years. Read article, here.

Business & Academic Leaders Disagree on Quality of College Grads, Survey Finds 

Chronicle of Higher Education
February 25, 2014 

Survey results released on Tuesday show a "significant" gap between the opinions of business and higher-education leaders on how prepared today's college graduates are for the work force. Read article, here.

Christie's Budget Proposes Sacrifices but No Big Solution to Labor Costs

New York Times
February 25, 2014  

A diminished Gov. Chris Christie sought to reclaim the mantle of fiscal sobriety that helped catapult him to Republican stardom, releasing a budget on Tuesday that called for new sacrifices from public employees, offered a painful payment to New Jersey's indebted pension system and abandoned his cherished plan to cut the state income tax. Read article, here

Opinion: NJ Colleges Should Do More to Publicize Tuition Equality Law  

Trenton Times
February 23, 2014  

Though Gov. Christie signed legislation extending in-state tuition rates at public institutions to undocumented students about two months ago, many of New Jersey's colleges and universities have been slow to make potential students aware of the new law. Read article

Private Bridge Programs Expand to Fill College-to-Career Gap

Inside Higher Education
February 20, 2014

Historically, many four-year colleges haven't focused extensively on the transition out of their institution -- whether that's making sure students have all the skills they need to make it in the work place or helping them find an actual job. Read article, here

The New College Campus  

New York Times Editorial Board
February 16, 2014 

Imagine meeting someone who says she works at a university. Some years ago, it would have been fairly safe to assume that she was a professor, and a member of the middle class with enviable job security. Not anymore. Read article, here

Businesses Get In On Preparing College Graduates for Business World

The Chronicle of Higher Education
February 15, 2014

Some colleges are also expanding their efforts to help students seeking a hiring advantage. Read article, here

Manage the Risk of Investing in College
The Press of Atlantic City
January 2, 2014

May students find that college still outperforms other investments, at least for typical students.  Read article here.

Christie Signs "Dream Act"
January 8, 2014

Gov. Chris Christie held the ceremonial signing of the Tuition Equality Act into law. Read article, here.



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US Colleges Finding Ideals Tested Abroad - New York Times (December 11, 2013) 

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Student Debt Load Found to Vary by College and State - New York Times (December 4, 2013)

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The President on Inequality - New York Times (December 4, 2013)

Democrats' Latest Campaign for Health Care Law Begins - New York Times (December 4, 2013) 

Obama Presses Case for Health Law and Wage Increase - New York Times (December 4, 2013)

Obama Urges Focus on Health Care Law's Benefits - New York Times (December 3, 2013) 

Returning Service Members Find Success on NJ Campuses - Atlantic City Press (December 3, 2013)

Pay It Forward: Under Pilot Program, NJ Students Would Attend College Tuition-Free, Pay Later - Atlantic City Press (December 2, 2013)

Black Colleges Keep Eye on Lawsuit Over Bias in State Support - Star Ledger (December 2, 2013) 

Fast Recovery for Health Care Website - New York Times (December 2, 2013)

Cost of Health Care Law is Seen as Decreasing - New York Times (December 2, 2013) 

Building 21st Century Facilities Amid Solid Enrollment Demand - Op-Ed by Michael Klein (November 2013)

Top-Notch Facilities on the Way for New Jersey's Colleges - Trenton Times (November 27, 2013)

Christie is Said to Waffle on In-State Tuition for People Living in U.S. Illegally - New York Times (November 27, 2013)
Online Health Law Sign-Up is Delayed for Small Business - New York Times (November 27, 2013)

The Next Greatest Generation on Campus - (November 26, 2013)

Schools Careful with Public Funds - (November 20, 2013)

House Passes Bill Letting People Keep Their Health Plans - New York Times (November 15, 2013)

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A Health Care Fix - New York Times (November 14, 2013) 

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Stop Penalizing Poor College Students - New York Times (November 12, 2013)

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Robots or Aliens as Parents? Colleges Gauge Applicants' Creativity - New York Times (November 2, 2013) 

Christie Should Sign Tuition Equality Bill - Star Ledger (October 2013) 



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