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Higher Education Budget

The FY 2014 budget, with few exceptions, directly funds institutions at the same level as FY 2013. This is approximately the same amount of direct support (in dollars, not adjusted for inflation) that the state colleges and universities received 15 years ago in FY 1998.

Across all of higher education, funding for Tuition Aid Grants for full-time students, the state's cornerstone need-based student aid program, is increased by $16.1 million over the FY 2013 level.

The budget continues to support the cost of employee fringe benefits for state-authorized positions at state colleges and universities.

The anticipated cost during FY 2014 of state-negotiated salary increses for members of bargaining units at the state colleges and universities, $14.6 million, is not covered in the budget. 

Highlights of Governor's Proposed FY 2014 Budget for Higher Education

Senior Public Colleges and Universities

Flat funding for direct operating support

1.6% increase for fringe benefits

Thomas Edison State College: increase of $1.73 million for assuming responsibility for lease payments from the state

Rowan University: receiving $2.3 million transferred from UMDNJ 


County Colleges 

Flat funding for direct operating aid

Reduction of 0.3%, combination of decreased pension costs (ABP and TPAF) and funding from Supplemental Workforce Fund for Basic Skills

Reduction of 4.7% in Chapter 12 debt service (county colleges' facilities bond program) 


Independent Colleges and Universities

Increase of $1 million

     First payment into Aid to Independent Colleges and Universities fund since FY 2011. 


Building Our Future Bond Act and EFA-Issued Bonds

Anticipates issuance of $100 million for the initial round of projects under the Building Our Future bonds, leaving $650 million for subsequent rounds.


Tuition Aid Grants (TAG)

Increase of $16.1 million for full-time students

Increase of $876,000 for part-time students at county colleges

Total funding of $352.397 million for TAG 


Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

Flat funding

Total funding remains $38.822 million 



Decrease of 23.3%, reflecting reductions in forecasted costs from revisions made last year regarding eligibility requirements and scholarship amounts


Governor's Urban Scholarship Program

$1 million, same as last year, for high-achieving students attending high schools in eligible economically disadvantaged areas who choose to attend college in New Jersey